just words about V


""" Remember, remember The 5th of November The gunpowder treason and plot
I know of no reason Why the gunpowder treason. Should ever be forgot
But what of the man?I know his name was Guy Fawkes...
...and I know in 1605, he attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament.
But who was he really?What was he like?We are told to remember the idea
and not the man. Because a man can fail.He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten.
But 400 years later...an idea can still change the world.I have witnessed firsthand
the power of ideas.I've seen people kill in the name of them...and die defending them.
But you cannot kiss an idea...cannot touch it or hold it.Ideas do not bleed.They do not feel pain.
They do not love.And it is not an idea that I miss.It is a man.A man that made me remember
the 5th of November.A man that I will never forget. 

V enters Evey's field of vision as she walks into the Shadow Gallery, directly from the prison

~ Because he was right. This country needs more than a building right now. It needs hope.~ V

Everyone remembers what happened that night and what it meant for this country. But I will always remember the man and what he meant to me V """""

---- aya----
this words i heared in v for  vendetta film which i won't forget .. a man who left him self left his life for his ideas 

can u imagine if we have more than one v in our 25 jan revloution 

every one can be hero for a day for a month .. but who van be hero for a life .. it make him don't bleed never hurts .. ready to give and stronge to make

it just my feeling anout V and about his frinde that finde the man who change her life for ever .. 






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